• Variety Pack Dough!
  • Variety Pack Dough!

Variety Pack Dough!

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Try 'em all, with our variety pack! 

What do you get??  1 bag of each of our Bake at Home Cookie Dough flavors: 

OurOatmeal Blueberry Cookie Dough is made with mid-west sourced butter, eggs, rolled oats, dried blueberries and other sustainably sourced [Non-GMO] ingredients. We use both dried blueberries + freeze dried blueberries to give these cookies the extra blueberry + raisin flavor kick you want without the 'raisin'. 

Our Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie dough is made with mid-west sourced butter, eggs and other sustainably [Non-GMO] sourced ingredients [like...CHOCOLATE!].  

 Our Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie dough is made with sustainably [Non-GMO] sourced PLANT BASED butter, dark chocolate and other ingredients [some, mid-west based too!]. 

Please select your item based on local pick up OR nationwide shipping -- Nationwide Shipping contains ice packs, insulator + more to create the package --  

Our baking instructions are tried + true to all sorts of ovens, just like our cookies are [tried + true] for you.  We still recommend using your cookie sense + an oven thermometer to get it just right.  

This Bake at Home Cookie Dough is packed by the half dozen.  Our scoops of cookie dough are OVER 2X the size of the average bake at home cookie dough.  We did this on purpose, so you could enjoy six big cookies or a hefty one dozen [when you cut them in half]! Boom.

Go ahead, grab a bag + get baking!  

[OH and in case we forgot to mention, we're Gluten-Free!  No biggie...]

Gluten-Free.  Nut-Free.  Soy-Free.  [nutrition facts located in product images]