• the Cookie Cake!
  • the Cookie Cake!
  • the Cookie Cake!

the Cookie Cake!

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Our Cookie Cakes are made with a little extra dough - making them a little thicker than our normal cookie (ooey gooey and delicious), Frosted and packed with a serving spatula that can cut your cake + serve it too! 


Select your favorite Cookie Flavor Submit the Form on this page -- Please select the correct Cake Option in the Drop Down Menu, so that there is no delay in your order. 


The frostings and toppings are determined by the type of Cookie you choose.  If you choose a Vegan Cookie, you will get Vegan Frosting.  We do this to minimize cross contamination in our Hub!  Enjoy :)  and yes all our frostings + toppings are available in vegan. 


Allergen Section: 

all Butter Flavors:  Egg, Dairy (Milk, Butter), Soy Lecithin (chocolate flavors) 
all vegan Flavors:  Soy, Coconut 

Free From: 
Gluten, Tree Nuts (except Coconut), Peanuts, Palm Oil, Boredom