Frequently Asked Cookie Questions!

... or as we like to call them FACQs...

the Cookies...

Are they really Gluten-Free? what about other allergens?!

  • YES, we are Gluten-Free and Nut-Free Always!
  • Vegan Cookies contain Coconut [our only tree-nut in our facility]
  • Please check our Nutrition Facts for more details per flavor of cookie.

Can I warm them up?

Yes, microwave the cookies for up to 5-10 seconds or place them in a toaster oven to desired temperature + gooey-ness.

How long will these cookies last once shipped, picked up or delivered to me?

They will last for 3-5 days once they are shipped out, picked up, or delivered. Our cookies are baked to order and packed almost immediately to seal in that gooey goodness and to last you a bit longer on its journey to your belly ;)

the Dough...

Are they really Gluten-Free? what about other allergens?!

  • YES, we are Gluten-Free and Nut-Free Always!
  • Vegan Cookie Dough contains Coconut [our only tree-nut in our facility]
  • Please check our Nutrition Facts located on each cookies page.  

Can I store the Bake at Home Cookie Dough in the Freezer?

Yes, you can store your cookie dough in the freezer and/or fridge. Whichever you like! The dough will last a bit longer when kept in the freezer, just keep an eye out for the expiration date posted on our bags.  

Can I eat the dough right out of the bag??...

Yes - at your own risk -- see below:

You can eat the Vegan dough right out of the bag at your own risk as we do not 'heat treat' our gluten free flour. Our Vegan dough is plant based and all ingredients are acceptable to eat raw.  

Our other doughs made with eggs and butter, are not so FDA acceptable to eat raw. We DO NOT recommend eating the dough raw. Although, we understand the nostalgia of eating raw dough, we ask that you do so at YOUR OWN RISK or stay tuned for our edible cookie dough bites to be released in the near future :)

How long will the dough last in my freezer? fridge??

Vegan Chocolate Chip -- Frozen (6 months)/ Fridge (3 months)

Oatmeal Blueberry -- Frozen (3 months) / Fridge (2 weeks-1 month)

Triple Chocolate Chip -- Frozen (3 months)/ Fridge (2 weeks-1 month)

***PLEASE NOTE the expiration date at the bottom of each bag and rely on that date for Frozen + Refrigerated storage.  

We recommend that all dough should be stored in the Freezer for the best shelf life.

Ordering the Goods...  

How long till I get my cookies? dough?

Nationwide Shipping --

All orders placed by or before 8am (CST) any day of the week will need 12-24 hours fulfillment time: We will fulfill your order as soon as possible and ship it out (according to your chosen shipping selection at check out). **Any orders placed after 8am will be shipped out the next business day Monday-Friday  

Local Delivery --

All local deliveries need a 12-24 hour fulfillment period. Orders placed will be contacted by a member of our cookie team (during business hours) and will arrange a delivery day and window for your order. Delivery windows are Tuesday-Saturday 10am-1pm or 3pm-6pm // delivery windows are not guaranteed as-is due to incoming orders, so we will reach out with available delivery windows and arrange it as each order comes through.

Local Pick Up --

Same rules as our Local Delivery - we need a 12-24 hour fulfillment period from when you placed your order to our next business day. We will reach out and arrange a pick up day and you are welcome to pick up your order anytime from 11am-6pm on the day selected. Our Pick Up is available via our old pop up spot, turned sandwich shop at 016 Restaurant (5077 N Lincoln Ave).  

Cookie Makin' Business Hours:  

Monday: Closed- only open for nationwide shipping orders

Tuesday-Saturday: Open for nationwide shipping, local delivery, local pick up.

Sunday:  Closed

*Holidays may affect these days of operation. Our move to 3453 N Albany will result in actual open hours of operation as soon as those are available.

Where can I buy cookie dough near me??

You can buy it in any of the retail spots we supply to! Check out our where to find us page to find out where you can pick up a bag now (no wait)

If not, just order here- we'll ship to you, locally deliver it or you can pick it up at your convenience.

the Company... and stuff...  

Where are you located?

We are opening up at 3453 N Albany Ave in Avondale/ Logan Square Chicago, IL in the Spring! In the meantime, we operate in privately shared kitchen space (gluten free) in Lincoln Square.

What is important to you?

People + Cookies! [and treating them both right!]

Why did you choose to be a Gluten-Free Company? Vegan?

We created a cookie for everyone because everyone deserves a good cookie. We stayed 100% gluten-free because you can't tell the difference between our cookies + a regular gluten-filled cookie-- which is the point! You don't need to be gluten free to enjoy these, it's just a perk!  What about your Vegan Cookies?  Our Vegan cookies were made with that same inclusivity in mind! Cookies are not made with flour or even butter anymore, we're the new classic, not classic cookie company - enjoy :)

Do you ship? How does this work?

Yes we do! We ship Nationwide and offer both USPS and UPS shipping options. Please check our shipping policy for any other questions about our shipping.  

No such thing as a stupid baking question...

Can I bake from frozen? Do I have to thaw them out?

Bake straight from frozen or the fridge. When baking from frozen, pull the dough out first and allow the dough to thaw out during the pre-heating time of your oven to ensure proper baking time [as listed on the package].

Can I make smaller and/or bigger cookies with the dough?

Yes! Yes! You can make the cookies bigger by thawing them out and stacking + pressing it together. You can make it smaller by cutting the dough in half and rolling into a ball. *REMEMBER - If you are changing the size of the dough, you must adjust your baking time. Keep an eye on those cookies + SHARE your cookies with us @youreacookie [instagram + facebook] #immacookie #yacookie

What if my Oven is not fancy schmancy... any tips to bake in it??

We get it + we don't judge. First and foremost, we recommend getting an oven thermometer to be sure that the temperature in your oven is accurate. If all else fails and/or if you just want to make sure you're doing it right feel free to contact us at with any baking questions.

Curiosity killed the Cat, not the Cookie...  

What is Sustainability?

In short - it is the practice of meeting our current everyday needs with little and/or no damage to the environment, in order to provide the ability to meet these same needs in the future. Why is this important to us?! it's important to us to provide our future generations with the ability to enjoy the planet and all its resources just as we have always enjoyed them. Plus, we always want to give you the best cookies no matter your generation. So let's do this.

What does it mean to source locally?

It means to support farmers, manufacturers within a certain mile radius to the values of your company/ way of life. We currently source our ingredients from the midwest and support those small and large companies to give us the best ingredients, all while leaving a small footprint on our planet.